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Company Background


House of Salford Limited is a company formed in the UK, then called Kristl Limited, a small decorating company that have grown to include building supply and construction, road construction, interior decoration and general supply of products upon requests catering for the Ghanaian Community in the UK with their decorative needs in the Ghana. We, therefore, needed to change our name to suite the current business presently in.

Prior to establishing in Ghana, the Managing Director, Kafui, worked with the prestigious designer house, Selfridges.  One of the leading fashion retail outlets in clothing and home decor, she worked as a sales Associate which lead to her interests in decorating.

She moved on to another powerful force in UK retailing as EPOS trainer and a customer service manager but, still kept her interest in decorating.  She was a very effective manager, training the whole store team on the Electronic Purchasing Systems that was introduced and managing the customer service department at her branch while taking courses in decorating and pursuing a Graduate programme.

Kafui ended up at GIGI’s a beauty company involved in the importation of beauty products and equipment on a large scale.  She excelled as a manager of the company with the many roles she had to take in a new company. Though a general and administrative manager for the company, she was involved in sales, importation and stocking of goods, fashion shows and a whole lot more.  By 2008/2009, she decided to resign and set up her own company which led to the birth of now House of Salford.

House of Salford is a decorating company involved in construction of building, decorating and supplies.   With House of Salford, our client will enjoy a whole range of products sourced from all over the world.
OUR AIM: Our aim is to supply the Ghanaian market with quality but affordable products and service to our customer in a professional environment with international standards.
We also aim to bring the creativity and innovation in our clients.


Integrity: To display a sense of the honesty in the supplying of the clients informing, him/her the true picture of any product or service rendered.

Time Management: To deliver the goods at the set period given.

Attention:  To source the best products at the highest standards and therefore will not be able to supply inferior or sub-standard even if it is the customer requirement.

Good Team Player: our understanding of our customer’s need comes from getting involved with the ideas of how they want their premises to look.  We then used this to know what style the customer is going for.  Eg. Modern, contemporary or classic look or a customer favourite artwork or product can also be used to determine what look the customer is interested.

Our Payment Terms and Conditions

In order that we provide the right product or service to your establishment, we would like to state our terms and conditions:

That we will provide a list of all products that House of Salford Provides

a)      Upon receipt of this list, the client would make a selection and a pro-forma will be provided based on the exchange rates (one dollar to a cedi)b

b)      After the pro-forma has been accepted, the client depending on the size of the order would sign a contractual agreement.  These are any transactions exceeding 500 GH cedis

c)       Products and services that are under 100 GH cedis will be paid up front upon delivery.

d)      Orders above 100 GH cedis and 500 GH cedis will a 70% deposit on delivery and the remaining 30% can be settled on instalment basis

e)      Products or services bought in large quantities have contractual agreement based on a samples received, an initial deposit of 40% on order,  an onward 30% upon the presentation of Bill of Laden and a final 30% on delivery of orders to the client.  Only on frequent orders or special negotiations a client will be allowed to pay within 2 weeks to a month for the rest of the 30% remaining. Only when the goods are agreed by the Client and House of Salford upon testing that they are found to be sub standard that a full refund will be granted the client.

A discount of 2% of product or services will be granted to all prompt or full payments made.

We encourage all our clients to pay the full amount promptly in order to enjoy special discounts and exclusive products.  We are also creating a database that would allow us to identify and serve clients that have been faithful with their payments thereby contributing to our growth to offer loyalty cards that will give the clients exclusive rights to everything we offer.


P. O. Box V V 034, Mile 19, Dodowa Road, Accra.
Location: 1 fourth street, Mempeasem, East Legon
Phone: 0302-916137
Cell: 0279-268757/0543-429214
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